About us

Products made of Mallorcan olive wood, 100% natural, only treated with oil and no chemicals.

We also offer other typical Mallorcan products.

For hotels and restaurants we have special products to offer.

Olive Wood Products,Groceries from Mallorcan producers, Fabric Products, Souvenirs/Gifts/Jewellery

Olive Wood Products

-Kitchen Accessories
-Copping boards (elegant or rustic)
-Mortars and Bowls
-Pepper-, Salt- und Sugarshaker
-Cutlery (Spoons, Forks, Knifes, Dippers)
-Salad Bowls
-Vinegar and Oil dispenser
-Candlesticks, Sand glasses
-Napkin rings, Cellarets
-Wooden Jewellery (Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces)
-Chess Games

Groceries from Mallorcan producers

-Salts in various flavours
-Salts from Es Trenc with mixed herbs
-Olive Oils, various types of vinegar
-Olive- and Almond-Pates
-Turrones (Nuts-, Almond and Nougat bars)
-Figgybread (Orange, Lemon) and Almonds
-Cordials (Hierbas)
-Sausage with mixed herbs, Sobrasadas

Fabric Products

-Shopping Bags
-Toilet Bags


-Fashion Jewellery from Swarovski
-Perls from Mallorca
-Dishes made of Ceramics
-Body Care products (Creams, Soaps)
-Perfumes from Mallorca
-Hand blown glass from Fiore

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